Worksheet and Puzzle Makers

Do you need more time killers? How about something to occupy students after they are finished with a test? How about a puzzle?

The Teacher’s Corner has an excellent selection of some of the best printable worksheets and puzzle makers available on the internet, free of charge! Below we will review some of them.

Crossword MakerThe crossword maker will make some really impressive crossword puzzles using your clues and words. Simply fill in the form and submit. You can also choose from multiple pre-made lists with the word list and clues already made. It has the option to include a word bank if you are looking to help the younger ones make it through the puzzle. Choose different fonts to make it more fun as well!

Word Search MakerThe word search maker is one of the best on the internet! You have so many options to choose from: Fonts, sizes, ‘fun options’, diagonal, backward words, your own grid shape (circles, hearts, cars, etc). You name it, this word search maker has it. The fun options add a whole new level to word searches – just check their tips for how you can make an unforgettable puzzle. How about scrambling the word list? That is, you have to unscramble the list of word BEFORE you can search for them in the puzzle! The options on this make this one of the best word search makers you will find.

Printable SudokuHow about something for creative thinking? The printable sudoku puzzles are a great way to help expand your creative thinking skills, while having fun at the same time! Print several sudoku puzzles and take them on a trip for a great airplane or car activity.

Time WorksheetsGot a younger student? Making time worksheets can be tedious and problematic. But if you have a website you can go to and print unlimited amounts of time worksheets, then nothing can hold your student back. As they get better with clocks, and minutes, you can make worksheets with more advanced clock faces. You can choose to have them write the time shown on the clock, or draw hands on a blank clock! You can choose random times, or enter your own. The options are unlimited!

Money WorksheetsMoney can be very tough to find good free resources. With the money worksheets, you can make your own full workbook of worksheets if you like! The options here are huge! In addition, it has money options from most english speaking countries: U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro and English Pound! Choose which denominations you want and make your own worksheet. These can’t be beat!

Writing PromptsThe last we will look at are the Writing Prompts. The Teacher’s Corner ‘Daily Writing Prompts’ provide great prompts to get your students thinking. Not only are you given a great thought provoking topic to write about, but each one is it’s own history lesson as well! Each day has a historically significant event to write about. With hundreds of prompts and several each day – you will have prompts to use for years to come.

In conclusion, The Teacher’s Corner has premium grade worksheet makers that you won’t find elsewhere, and they are free for all – they don’t even require you to register to use them! Where most sites give you only some options, or make you enter a bunch of info, then tell you you need to register or pay, The Teacher’s Corner has no tricks and gives you all of the goods up front. Really some of the best resources on the net!

Cheap Whiteboard using a Wii Remote

Wii remote whiteboardI came a cross something a while back that is really quite ingenious.  To make this whiteboard, the main things you need are:

  • A computer with bluetooth capabilities
  • A Wii Remote Control
  • A couple of small electronics (led, battery, wire,  bic pen) available for a couple of bucks from Radio Shack.
  • Recommended: (computer projector screen).

Johnny Lee provides the software to make it all work for free.  See the Video for a demonstration:

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Superfast Puzzle Worksheets

Looking for activities for your students who finish their work fast?  How about some FREE puzzles worksheets that are geared toward any subject area that can be made in seconds?

  Printable WorksheetsOur sister site: has some great puzzles for you!

Make one quickly and print them out.  Completely FREE and no registration is required!!  These worksheets are also great for homeschooling parents and tutors!

Be careful when searching for deals on eBay.

EbayRecently I was looking for an inexpensive copy of Dreamweaver Studio (website building software), and figured eBay was a great place to start looking.  I found what I thought to be a fair price on a used copy of Dreamweaver Studio 8.  The seller claimed the software disks were ‘lightly used’ with no visible signs of wear.  They also stated that original packaging was not available, but the manual was included and the software was legal and was registered with Macromedia/Adobe.  I went ahead and bid, and I ended up winning the auction.
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