Cheap Whiteboard using a Wii Remote

Wii remote whiteboardI came a cross something a while back that is really quite ingenious.  To make this whiteboard, the main things you need are:

  • A computer with bluetooth capabilities
  • A Wii Remote Control
  • A couple of small electronics (led, battery, wire,  bic pen) available for a couple of bucks from Radio Shack.
  • Recommended: (computer projector screen).

Johnny Lee provides the software to make it all work for free.  See the Video for a demonstration:

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Be careful when searching for deals on eBay.

EbayRecently I was looking for an inexpensive copy of Dreamweaver Studio (website building software), and figured eBay was a great place to start looking.  I found what I thought to be a fair price on a used copy of Dreamweaver Studio 8.  The seller claimed the software disks were ‘lightly used’ with no visible signs of wear.  They also stated that original packaging was not available, but the manual was included and the software was legal and was registered with Macromedia/Adobe.  I went ahead and bid, and I ended up winning the auction.
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